Why SEO is so important to your business

Is your business findable?

It’s been amazing how the interlinked web networks and social platforms are evolving in the past few months. The shift of Power from organizations to consumer has changed many of principles of publishing in the Internet. For blogs, online news journals, social media networks and content marketing strategies are all affected. Now time for proactive marketers to adapt to this change as the impact is massive. What impact I am highlighting here? Continue reading “Why SEO is so important to your business”

Marketers can’t be liars

if you lie God will punish you

Twelve years ago I did some school English teaching part of coop training. I saw a ten years old kid showed a frowning face after his teacher lied to him about his reading. The kid finished reading then teacher told him “thats great” the kid smiled and joy glowed in his eyes; He continued reading, teacher stopped him and said ” I wasn’t serious about that, you are horrible and that shows you weren’t following up attentively”.

Now this has to do with the fact that this feeling is same for many people like me and you when searching for something online. first you feel happy that you found it, then website reality disappoints you. Continue reading “Marketers can’t be liars”