How do I promote my mobile App?

Mobile App marketing tips

Last month, I was in a cafe with one of the local developers, who has good skills and has developed amazing successful local apps ranging from utilities to games. With all the excitement and warm greetings he receives from mobile vendors or tech communities, he still feels restless regarding the reach and spread-ability of his apps to get more people to use them and ultimately more business. Continue reading “How do I promote my mobile App?”

Digital experience for retailers in Saudi Arabia

I usually spend at least 12 hours a month doing my groceries. The experience I go through is always different and gets affected by several factors. Depending on the day of the week, it differs, weekend vs. week days , and that decides if stores are crowded or not. Despite the fact that I have installed an app , on my Nokia Lumia , to manage my shopping/ groceries list , yet I still go back home with stuff missing from the list. I did my part by installing that App but still the experience tells more on how I go through the aisles and interact with the surroundings…

I had this experience as an eye opener for the consumers’ digital experience for retail industry in Saudi Arabia. This covered the topic for my speech at Inretailsummit 2013 Saudi Arabia ..

No one can argue that Retailers spend huge money on pulling consumers to their premises to generate sales, but how do they do it !

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