Mobile Marketing Strategy

I was at one of the restaurants in Riyadh and while being seated, four young boys were entering the restaurant at the same time and they were chatting and laughing loudly. I sat on my table and started browsing through the menu then I realized that all of a sudden the laughter and loud chats had went silent. Out of curiosity, I turned around to see what had happened, and then I saw this scene in the picture, the four young people sitting together and were fully engaged in their mobile phones, each indulged in his own private world. Continue reading “Mobile Marketing Strategy”

How do I promote my mobile App?

Mobile App marketing tips

Last month, I was in a cafe with one of the local developers, who has good skills and has developed amazing successful local apps ranging from utilities to games. With all the excitement and warm greetings he receives from mobile vendors or tech communities, he still feels restless regarding the reach and spread-ability of his apps to get more people to use them and ultimately more business. Continue reading “How do I promote my mobile App?”