Top 7 mistakes Recruiters make in the age of social media

Have gone the days when it is a must to provide contact details for references in the CV.
I can still see that most of the HR professionals and recruiters :
1- Demand reference contact details to verify the details of the candidates.
2- Look for contacts from an old employer silently in different ways.
3- Use same old same old tricks of psychological, behavioral and other aspects of personality by making candidates wait for a while before the interview.
4- Waste most of their notes on education and degrees of the candidate.
5- Ask same questions in the same pattern, what do you know about our organization, why did you not write your birth date in the resume you sent us, etc of the non-sense.
6- Be too much provocative to discover the psychological, pressure, etc of the useless Recruitment old school theories.
7- Criticize or scan, read and go in detail about each and every line in the printed CV at the time of the interview, worse if it is in front of the candidate. Continue reading “Top 7 mistakes Recruiters make in the age of social media”