LOVE stays Technology Dies

With the rise of the marketers sudden interest in people! The 1000% focus on conversation and storytelling theories on the social web, the chaos is on WHAT not WHY. Brands focus more on what systems and content publishing solution more than the resulting outcome and human social engagement.

In different marketing venues inside organizations we see social teams and marketers are more into what system should we use to publish our content over Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and others. What kind of licenses do we need to utilize more capacity of the current social media management system. Let’s make sure we try most of them to see what works better for us. Continue reading “LOVE stays Technology Dies”

Six Tips for Burger Restaurants to win in Social Media

Food business fast or healthy, is a lucrative one . Although there are around 60% of newly opened ones close or go out of business in the first year. Looking at any city in Saudi Arabia today, there are many different burger restaurants and diners. Some of them locals and others are international chains. This being said, first thing comes to my mind is how do they sell and what works for them more than others. Are they trendy active-online , or still rely on traditional ways like writing their daily offers on boards in front of their store. Continue reading “Six Tips for Burger Restaurants to win in Social Media”

You need customer’s permission

My first time reading this book was in 2003 and after few years I had to buy it again, but as an audio book. At that time I used to work two different jobs at the same time and one of them was mainly selling online website services and this book helped us coin our ideas on how to use the clients’ database that we had built over the course of business. It was and still insightful and will be useful over and over again.
Permission marketing, turning strangers into friends and friends into customers by Seth Godin

“The Ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age” explains “Permission Marketing” -the Business Week calls Seth Godin.

I need not to talk about Seth Godin, he is a phenomenon in the marketing knowledge wiki.
The Ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age

I need not to talk about Seth Godin, he is a phenomenon in the marketing knowledge world. To address this book, I have to say that, it is a mandate today that marketers do marketing scientifically and look at the aspects of customer engagement. Why it should be highlighted as an important book to look at and read thoughtfully. Because it uncovers the secrets of personalization, segmentation, interest groups and the value of engaged customers. It is not a new book, but certainly works for yesterday, now and tomorrow. As it talks about the psychology and science of consumer engagement and what is right or wrong about marketing practices.
Have you taken customers permission before talking to them by annoying SMS or email? Are you a spammer or a communicator? Stop talking to the mass and focus on the interested ones. They will not just bring business, they will recommend you and even write good reviews about you. Isn’t this what all marketers and business people want ! A lovely customer that buys from us, shares our content and recommends us for her/his network!

This book is Definitely a gold mine for marketers of today and tomorrow.

Vine Vs. Instagram :what is the best?

Micro-vlogging strategy ?

We have seen Instagram announcing the video feature, where users can record a video and enhance it with filters then post it. Discussions went abundant on what is best Vine or Instagram? Many speculation against this update and whether this is a killer for Vine (a service for short video format, that can record up to couple of seconds) or not. As this is becoming a hot topic exchanged by many users and experts, the judgment is, marketers should use whatever works.
Continue reading “Vine Vs. Instagram :what is the best?”

Digital marketing workshop and training for students and professionals

I have had the chance to engage in delivering a couple of training courses and digital marketing workshops here in Saudi Arabia. I have delivered those for students and professionals from different industries. The most common questions I receive during which, are around the following topics: Continue reading “Digital marketing workshop and training for students and professionals”

Brands listen to a girl on Twitter

Earlier today I got mentioned from a fake account in Twitter, with a link to a hoax content, affiliates or whatever it might be . what inspired me the most is the way this account profile looked. it says

” Extreme explorer. Zombie trailblazer. Social media fanatic. Music nerd. Passionate introvert. Proud internet evangelist. Prone to fits of apathy. Travel maven “

brands-listen to a girl on twitterthis is deeply scientific and I think it has potentials, even though if it doesn’t, but what is so obvious here is the topics covered by this profile description.. if you have noticed it talks about HOT topics triggered by most searched profiles and common trends used today. This will only ensure high visibility and prominence.

     This leads to one conclusion which tells , if anyone can look at the hot topics/trends in Twitter and highlight them for targeting and mapping them against any spamming efforts on that network, then WHY not marketers do it right as they have the scale and the budget!

In different contexts and sittings, marketers talk about segmentation, targeting and positioning following different approaches and theories, but what is practical and fruitful! Listening is a very important practice for marketers today, as the challenge over the timeline visibility is getting tenser every day. It mandates marketers to look at it seriously and plan something practical to help them Define, Sort, and Craft.

While listening efforts will map different ideas, that have been discussed and shared, in different networks and forums, Brands have followers/fans in different social networks and they should be included in this activity as well. As it is key to listen and try meticulously define the topics of interests different people discuss in different contexts. The outcome of the listening efforts will be relatively massive. Huge number of people and topics in different networks, and here comes the role of creating the topic boxes that will contain the relevant ideas under each topic . This should also include audience, from the followers’ base. Sorting those ideas under each relevant topic will help marketers understand the size, dynamics and the behavioral patterns that arise.

Looking at the bigger picture of the drawn canvas of topics/ interests/ trends, it gets easier to sit and look at the content ideas and formats that needs to be crafted to fit and match with each segment. This of course differs based on what kind of flexibility that brands have at different stages of the product/service innovation and creation whether this is already has been aligned or not. The most important thing is if we know who are the people and what are the HOT topics to address then it gets easier for content innovators whether in-house army or agency team to tailor  AMAZING pieces of content that will be LIKED, SENT, SHARED and DISCUSSED.

I am looking for an awesome job in Marketing

Since Summer 2001 till today May 29th 2013 I have stood in front of more than 50 interviewers and have conducted about the same number of interviews for candidates of different backgrounds… What I have found is that there is a pattern for the recent ones in marketing…let’s look at that.. Continue reading “I am looking for an awesome job in Marketing”

Teachers and lecturers are losing it to the status-updates mania

Looking around at the traffic light I can barely see the other side of the street, the view is almost blocked by billboards advertisements and other formats – sizes I can’t define. Formats that are so huge to describe or so small to notice Outdoor media is a mega activity in the kingdom…  It has been an actively busy channel, used as a medium of communicating advertising promotions, new product and services launch. Retail, banking to automotive industries, their campaigns best resources are deployed to drive different objectives at different times, not to mention TV. A player that businesses cannot do without in this market, being the main focus and believed to be the most engaging for marketers. Continue reading “Teachers and lecturers are losing it to the status-updates mania”