Blogging worked for me, it really did

In many occasions I see people start blogs and they lose hope to get attraction then eventually end up losing interest to continue doing it. Either individuals or brands the same idea literally applies. And it is not because they don’t want to do it and not that they dont want to change the world, but because they don’t do it effectively.  Continue reading “Blogging worked for me, it really did”

10 Tips to Build a Successful Blog

How to Build a Successful Blog?


So you decided to have a blog for your brand, but how is it going to work for you? The challenge I see for people in different industries is always around content creation and achieving something out of it.  It requires lots of work and patience to build small-loyal readership. As average time for active blogging to start seeing big impacts on your traffic and conversions is 18 months depending on your industry and content strategy . Ok, now to have a comprehensive strategy for your blog here are the ten killer tips for that.  Continue reading “10 Tips to Build a Successful Blog”