2019 Business Strategies

During the past few months, I have been working with couple of clients in different industries on improving their marketing practices, and the main thing that worries everybody is “we are trying to define our way through 2019.” 

You have your mind set up for the operations, marketing, sales and quality strategies.Yet, the economic distress is heavy on everyone, you can not avoid the overwhelming declining sales numbers in the past three months.

Do we have to layoff some of our staff?

Do we have over spend on operations?

Do we offer too much discounts?

Are we so lenient on collections?

Are our competitors going to be fiercer in 2019?

These are your companions day and night these days, where should you start and how to approach it. But even your historical data sets of sales, spend, and opex are having discrepancies. The finance team provides different numbers than sales like wise the rest of the departments, it is tedious right.
The solution as you need it , lies in the synergy and integration. Read everything from onscreen or paper, make sure this is your objective in 2019, so you can make tough calls on sales, staff reduction or even increase.

Why not, becasue you have the ultimate truth now, win 2019.

VC Branding Who Cares!

2020 and beyond is so crazy for technology based startups.  I will tell you why this is interesting for you now, because we have seen one of the biggest moves a government can do. The Public Fund in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is investing in UBER, and other tech startups this was not anticipated by industry experts at all. After this move many initiatives and ideas are popping up to follow through and start looking at the modern startups scene with a big appetite ( don’t take my words keep watching for new VC firms in the next 6 months)

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Anticipation Is The Core Of Marketing Automation

I was at the Airport in Jeddah and while I was waiting for my flight on SAUDIA, I received an SMS with a recommendation for so much FUN coming onboard that I should not miss. This will all happen if I download the SAUDI Entertainment App before onboarding. As the attached screenshot below “ sorry for the non-Arabic readers” , It says the same thing with links to the App. What I like here is the anticipation. Continue reading “Anticipation Is The Core Of Marketing Automation”

Blogging worked for me, it really did

In many occasions I see people start blogs and they lose hope to get attraction then eventually end up losing interest to continue doing it. Either individuals or brands the same idea literally applies. And it is not because they don’t want to do it and not that they dont want to change the world, but because they don’t do it effectively.  Continue reading “Blogging worked for me, it really did”

What Do you Learn from The Birdman The Movie

Scared to be there , but not scared to be obsolete! In the digital age it is a game of being outside your norms, fighting for attention is a daily battle. Massive budgets can help but they are not sustainable, are you still struggling to start though?

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Your Human Nature Stops You From Being A Good Content Marketer

    Brilliance is a mix of trying hard many time plus background, for trying and doing it many times is clear. You keep doing it till you master it, by improving it overtime. Again and again till you feel it is faster , better and more efficient. For the background it could be the piled up learning from older experiences, environment, books, or all.

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How to Do Successful Contests on Instagram

Success is not something happens overnight, but a healthy start and thoughtful efforts will ring the bill. Instagram the social network of the year so far has been creating miracles for brands and big troubles for others. With more than 300 million monthly active users, Continue reading “How to Do Successful Contests on Instagram”