An easy win

An easy win is something we devour because it has a quick relief. Painkillers have been designed with quick results. Humans have no patience for pain. That is who we are, comfort is a need and not a luxury. A fintech marketing team were having a discussion on how to do marketing that shows results, and the idea of a missing strategy wasn’t appealing to them. They wanted quick results, fireworks and flashy headlights. In marketing, quick means not sustainable due to the fact that it comes with cutting corners and not a long term oriented.

Quick win

New privacy regulations and awareness of personal data are making it difficult to follow old ways of broadcasting to get results. Database owners will continue to own the space like influencers, and organizations that build their business on the idea of cultivating people interest by providing value and trust. That is why we see brands like telecom operators for example, have a privilege.

In a good number of occasions getting people to buy from you is not a problem, yet keeping them for long is in fact a big challenge and a growing concern for professionals. Hence, building a system to keep your trusted people around you for long is the way to win a big difficult WIN.

How does IDFA impacts startups

IDFA stands for Identifier for advertising. In a typical app advertising journey, the user sees the ads and clicks on it, then this IDFA (user anonymous information) is passed to the advertising network and the advertiser (brand) can track the user for remarketing and réengagement. This was an easy and simple process. With Apple new IOS14 this will change as users will have the option to turn this tracking off, and it is reoorted that an average of 20-30% of users are doing it. Plus as a developer (app owner/brand ) has to implement measures to make sure that the app warns the user when they install it to give permission for this feature.

What is Ios 14 idfa
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Startups usually focus on cultivating app installs organic and paid channels and care much about reengagging with their users after installing the app. This is more of broadcasting nature in targeting and building potential users pools (audiences). Yet, If this option is no longer viable then what is the way out? Even android is following the same approach with AAID, but in a different way by allowing users to choose what feature(camera location, etc) they give permission for.

They need proper marketing which focuses on the basics (get their permissions before talking to them). Inbound marketing is the way out. In a detailed approach to define a target audience and build message and actions structure tailored for them. Taking it in a step by step manner starting from building awareness, getting interest, being preferred then converting prospects to customers. No shortcuts no mass shooting for winning.

Getting into the idea of purpose

Discussions about growth and building businesses, at most of the times focus on growth and cash. Yet when I think about sustaining a business idea to reflect impact on people who are involved and the community, it always be something that we write in our values, mission and vision in business profile. Execution becomes something away from the ideal.

Sense of purpose is a need to achieve something bigger and show impact. A while ago a friend was discussing a property technology business idea. Then I asked, what impact this would have on people. What if this is the real drive for change!

Operating in 95

The demand and the supply are two sides that balance the market. While excess of supply lowers the prices the opposite increases them. Today the demand for talents is on the high side. It is imperative to invest in the future skills. There are still organizations with HR staff that still operate in 1995 dynamics. I was discussing some document with an a director level and it struck me hard that he doesn’t know how to work with cloud storage and files online .

This is a given reality today. If you want to be working in the NOW then hire current and active talents. I thought it was age but I realized, it is a mindset.

A game and The game

At the gym he is running on a treadmill and burning ..running and burning ..running and burning. On an average a ten minutes run can burn almost 100 calories with a good speed pace. The gym everyday is a commitment and requires determination to stay at it. There are two types of gym hitters . The first goes and plays at the gym doing all the reps and driving forward burning those calories constantly. The second does the same job but the results are not. Not finishing the full reps nor the full set of exercises. Only burning calories in his mind but not the real calories. The first one is playing the game and the second is playing a game.

A battle : back to school

For workers , the daily tv show time is an immersive experience for many today. Yet it is a battle to create this feeling of joy and disconnect from work vibes. Because the notifications from work emails are still active. The father of two that keeps and keeps trying to create room for his new gig , is a daily battle.

Early morning early star.

For kids coming back from school, craving that joystick grip , is a battle (addiction). Early daily gym round is a choice for morning stars, yet it is tough to to separate from the comfy bedsheets, and it is a battle. Getting children tucked in bed before 9 is a battle for many families in Riyadh. Mums and dads go win this.

A perspective

The bakeries open early in the morning, some open at dawn to win on the day demand. The columnists spends the night redrafting their idea to fit length and context. A personal trainer sneaks in between classes to exercise to stay in shape.

These dominate their game by focusing on their perspective, TIME, REPETITION, PLANNING.

What is your perspective?

You are the new rock star

It is pretty dynamic these days for me, juggling among different activities and projects. As I encounter hundreds of new graduates and professionals in the marketing and startups scene, I receive the same question over and over.. ” How can I be good in digital marketing?”.

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