An easy win

An easy win is something we devour because it has a quick relief. Painkillers have been designed with quick results. Humans have no patience for pain. That is who we are, comfort is a need and not a luxury. A fintech marketing team were having a discussion on how to do marketing that shows results, and the idea of a missing strategy wasn’t appealing to them. They wanted quick results, fireworks and flashy headlights. In marketing, quick means not sustainable due to the fact that it comes with cutting corners and not a long term oriented.

Quick win

New privacy regulations and awareness of personal data are making it difficult to follow old ways of broadcasting to get results. Database owners will continue to own the space like influencers, and organizations that build their business on the idea of cultivating people interest by providing value and trust. That is why we see brands like telecom operators for example, have a privilege.

In a good number of occasions getting people to buy from you is not a problem, yet keeping them for long is in fact a big challenge and a growing concern for professionals. Hence, building a system to keep your trusted people around you for long is the way to win a big difficult WIN.

Four things to get your strategy working

What makes a marketing strategy work?

It is a common question that is often underestimated by common answers like:

By defining clear KPIs,

By having good marketing skills,

By having good project management, and others in the same mindset.

Let’s breakdown the term strategy to smaller pieces. Continue reading “Four things to get your strategy working”

The B2B Marketing and humans

At one of TRIGGERS AGENCY in-house trainings for one of the big restaurants’ disposables supplies factories, in the capital Riyadh; I was talking about the market and the threats and opportunities ahead. My presentation was simple and as usual, I start with the bad news for the market (Macro ), then the brand and how do they look in terms of awareness and online performance. While the staff and some of the management team were interacting on some topics in my presentation, it popped up again and the same question again. “But we are a B2B business and our customers are the companies, so they are not online” Continue reading “The B2B Marketing and humans”

Periscope 360 brings a new dimension to marketing – #Twitter #Marketing

PERSPECTIVEPeriscope 360 brings a new dimension to marketing

Live-streaming 360-degree video can bring your brand to life — but only if you do it right.

James Gunn, director of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” was in a feisty mood.

“Hello, everybody! I am here with Chris Pratt — yay! Zoe Saldana — yay! Michael Rooker — boo! Boooo!”  

The stars were gathered in a Los Angeles hotel room to promote the release of the latest trailer for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” But instead of staring into a standard two-dimensional video camera, they were shooting it in Periscope 360, which allowed all the stars to be on screen simultaneously. Read more on Periscope 360 marketing  

A quick 7-step guide for setting up and testing AMP for WordPress

It is now more than obvious that mobile experience is the future of the web and Google has already enforced the standards for that . So for you ti set up your website on a wordpress CMS, you need to make sure that it abides by the rules of AMP. Here is the guide 

You are the new rock star

It is pretty dynamic these days for me, juggling among different activities and projects. As I encounter hundreds of new graduates and professionals in the marketing and startups scene, I receive the same question over and over.. ” How can I be good in digital marketing?”.

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