Eid is for Winners

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Eid is the big Yaaaay moment for kids, the climax, the BOOM moment of the season, and it is the PRIZE for achievers. In religion, cultural contexts and in business, winning is always best as an outcome of a bloody battle. It usually ends a long hectic season. Continue reading “Eid is for Winners”

Loyalty 3.0 Motivation, Big data and Gamification

Part of my random browsing Amazon, I tripped over this book and it looked so interesting from the cover. I read some reviews then found that it is worth reading. I read it few months back, and here is some ideas from the book. It is highly recommended.

Its been implemented everywhere, from airlines to the mini market in our old town, loyalty, discount-cards, cashback cards or whatever names there might be, in principle it pushes same concept , the race for promotions. You understand that showing your loyalty card at Carrefour

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I am so proud to be connected, Are you ?

Are you connected, do you sense the difference we see today? It is so integrated and becoming so difficult to adapt to, which approach are you following!

Are we still living in a world of six degrees of separation? I am not sure about you, but for me this is a life changing creed and I have already embraced that. As the change that has happened to me and the organizations I worked with and for have noticed the difference already. There was a time when I was wondering, what could happen that is so different to be genuinely changing my life to something better! Something would put me to sense the change and begin a new life where dimensions are plenty and possibilities are infinite. Six years back, I had to think this many times and rethink it again and again. When I read this book in 2010, I noticed that many of the routes that I had taken before that were already on the right direction and this book had these things listed.

Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone is Connected. Connect Your business to Everyone
Is it important to be connected?

Why anyone should follow such ideas and fully endorse them? Because there are always options for someone to pick as alternatives in life, but who has the time to go and try the unknown, while there are already proven methods to use!

Probably many other books have discussed ideas on social media and others have talked about entrepreneurship, but Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone is Connected. Connect Your business to Everyone, has integrated them all along with personal branding. Entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media, personal branding all are integrated and presented nicely in the main idea of this book. Mitch Joel has mastered this work to have consistent and smooth narration of ideas and tips that could directly be effective and make a difference in our lives.

You need customer’s permission

My first time reading this book was in 2003 and after few years I had to buy it again, but as an audio book. At that time I used to work two different jobs at the same time and one of them was mainly selling online website services and this book helped us coin our ideas on how to use the clients’ database that we had built over the course of business. It was and still insightful and will be useful over and over again.
Permission marketing, turning strangers into friends and friends into customers by Seth Godin

“The Ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age” explains “Permission Marketing” -the Business Week calls Seth Godin.

I need not to talk about Seth Godin, he is a phenomenon in the marketing knowledge wiki.
The Ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age

I need not to talk about Seth Godin, he is a phenomenon in the marketing knowledge world. To address this book, I have to say that, it is a mandate today that marketers do marketing scientifically and look at the aspects of customer engagement. Why it should be highlighted as an important book to look at and read thoughtfully. Because it uncovers the secrets of personalization, segmentation, interest groups and the value of engaged customers. It is not a new book, but certainly works for yesterday, now and tomorrow. As it talks about the psychology and science of consumer engagement and what is right or wrong about marketing practices.
Have you taken customers permission before talking to them by annoying SMS or email? Are you a spammer or a communicator? Stop talking to the mass and focus on the interested ones. They will not just bring business, they will recommend you and even write good reviews about you. Isn’t this what all marketers and business people want ! A lovely customer that buys from us, shares our content and recommends us for her/his network!

This book is Definitely a gold mine for marketers of today and tomorrow.

Why Building Trust is Key for Success

In Fall 2010 it was immense for me to consume a lot of social media marketing advice, as I wanted to be clear on many thoughts I had,  around why do things need to be done this or that way in day to day operations in personal and business digital marketing use. What was changing and what had to be done to marketing plans. Why did we need to look at things differently! Some of my friends and colleagues at freelancers’ online meet up were worried that by end of 2010 , they would be out of contracts and had to do something about it. Them being web developers and designers, they had already noticed the shift in clients’ behavior and how it was getting difficult for them (as freelancers working in one group under one organization) to secure more business deals.

They had a website, CRM (customer Relationship management system/Database) and a forum, with some auto published social media “broadcasts”. It was merely my job as a friend to push it harder and help them score more leads and then of course business for the guys to deal with. As part of my search for more know-how on social media selling and how to create value out of content and the use of influencers, it was mandate for me to read more about it and find creditable advice to keep the guys busy coding and developing more websites and web solutions. Searching in amazon, I came across this book Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust by the famous author Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.

The authors made it clear from the beginning that it has to be you to ignite the action and start fixing things, rather than waiting for magic to happen. For me I was already in the mood for that and found this more exciting and encouraging too. In Saudi Arabia we have around 70% of the population are less than 28 years old, which means Millennial Generation are the dominating age segment. What this implies is that as service providers for individuals and small businesses, we had to understand more about this audience and use the influence we had to recruit more potential clients and engage more with current ones through unconventional approaches. This book describes how such segment is becoming so important to treat differently, as they sleep using the Internet and new social tools to interact and start conversations with each other. The book highlighted, why it is important to focus more on influencers and also gave examples of influencers’ marketing ideas, which could be used.

The authors highlighted ” if you want to succeed, don’t sit on the sidelines while new markets and channels grow. Instead, use the web to build trust with your consumers using Trust Agents”

They had a website and it had worked for couple of years back. While it covered all their previous work and clients, but still wasn’t driving the right number of projects. They worked with big forums and different organizations of different industries, but that was it, they didn’t search out for more from those people. “After reading this book we had to change our way of working to adapt and have stronger ties with influencers and work more on thinking differently to build more fruitful relations online. Though, this had been going before 2010 , but with this book, it became clearer that it had to be nailed faster”, Sami the group leader commented

Social influence of clients, social network tools, content planning, and new media consumption insights and patterns are highlighted in a way that had excited them to revamp the communication experience for their group and worked better than ever in a sustainable way.
This book being authored by two super social media and inline marketing experts, gave it more credibility to deliver more actionable steps and guides toward success in new media landscape.

Why building the trust is crucial for business? Consumers today are becoming less influenced by brand ads and lean in to hear from their networks, WOM and peer recommendations in play. Websites are important channels for driving many objectives, but what kind of trust do they offer for visitors/potential clients of your business?

The engaged Marketers’ book

A repeated scene…I feel good that I have just finished this book – it is  not just some engaging book , but the engaging book as I see it. If you are a true believer that the social communication and the new media forms are the biggest shift in the human communication history , then this is your time. I tried to pick this copy as text and started reading it like a month back, but I had discovered that the audio version was more crisp for me, maybe because I love to hear stories.

Mr.Solis has covered the Social Media ROI, the always troublesome topic for marketers! If this is not fancy enough for you , then it is also a guide for marketers and business owners passionate for excellence and converting in a sustainable pattern. It has different examples of practical strategies and tactics that have been adopted or ignited by some of the world’s leading companies like Intel and how have they harnessed the abundant benefits of Social and digital marketing dynamics.

Engage! The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web
revised and updated with a Foreword by Ashton Kutcher

Psychology, behavior and influence of the new consumer, these topics are covered in this book in an interesting way to enable marketers to understand more of the drivers of consumers , and why should they care about your brand anymore !

It is Engage!: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web….. By Brian Solis

  • Has won the prestigious PRWeb 5 Star Award
  • Bestsellers : Top business books by Inc.
  • Winner of small business best books award.

Strategies, ways of working , insights and pieces of advice in Each chapter and topic discussed in the book, all can be found and utilized immediately.. I personally recommend this as Best read for people in marketing for profit and non-profit tracks.

First Audio book experience

     In summer 2010, On one of the long flights I took coming back from vacation, I had an amazing first time experience subscribing to Audible. The Audio books service by Amazon. I had many book titles in my wish list at that time and I picked the most interesting one to try this service. It was an immersive blast of passionate and very encouraging text . it was narrated by the author which made it more engaging as it showed how eager he was to achieve and how important it is to have the deadly obsession with what ones dream of.

Some dreams pass away easily, but some makes you stay up all night trying to shape it, tweak it , visualize it and sometimes taste it! They never go away they demand every second and minute of your life to build it , make it and nail it. They just don’t happen overnight they demand persistence and torture, as you can’t enjoy success by drawing lines and writing business plans, it requires hard work and real-time monitor.

Gary Vaynerchuk spent years shaping his family wine business. He realized the true meaning of working day and night to make it happen, as he changed his family wine business into a national industry leader worth $60 M. The series of actions and stories narrated in the book were interesting enough to get the reader/listener to consume the content in no time. During the flight I was supposed to sleep at least 2-4hours as it was a long one, but when I listened to the first five minutes, I got hooked and didn’t unplug the headsets off my head till the book was finished fully. I ended up writing notes on tissues and some airlines magazines, truly it has life changing insights and ideas to put in use.

 TIM FERRISS the New York Times #1 selling author ” Beg, borrow, and steal to learn the hustle and techniques that helped him build a 60 Million business and reinvent the rules on his own terms”

Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion
see how the internet can make any business hot selling ..!


He put the Internet in use to achieve that, as he built the first wine business website in 1979, and realized how the Internet can drive growth and flip the old rules  to be fully exposed as weak to survive.

His best selling book was : Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

My Birthday Book

On my birthday back in 2011  –  10th of  May I was at NOKIA house in Finland for the first time. Back then was the Social Media Summit for the Digital Rock stars, so it was a good chance to meet the Digital NOKIA team from all over the world. Of course I used that to see and network with everyone, while there I had a blast celebrating my birthday in Helsinki. It was full of fun and loads of interesting ideas and topics discussed. The Keynote speech was  -the CEO of Dachis Group,  Jeff was speaking and he recommended this book “ Marketing in the Groundswell” . During the first break, I met Elisa (a Digital Social Marketing Rock star from NOKIA Global  HQ team ) and she was holding the last copy of the book as they had handed some copies to some of the guys already and I told her that it was my birthday , so she gave me that as a gift. It was nice , but I felt like I was so confused on how should I thank her enough for that..

Marketing in the Groundswell the Bok
Marketing in the Groundswell

Trying to sleep that night I crunched around 30 pages of the book and was thrilled , how an amazing book it was. It was co-authored by Charlene Li who is a former Forrester Research as an independent thought leader and the founder of Altimeter Group and Josh Bernoff, a senior vice president, idea development at Forrester Research and one of America’s most quoted analysts.

It covered listening to the groundswell and how important for brands to listen to customers at any given time, why is that crucial for the business and what is the payoff. The book discussed extensively why the brand is what its customers say it is… That was the leading step to start engaging with the groundswell, but how brand should talk to them is also important and it was covered by the authors in a very simple smooth way. Platforms in the digital scene are set for different purposes, but how brands are using that to harness the benefits and enable then energize the Groundswell, is a thorny topic that has different dimensions that were discussed by this book too.

Groundswell is jammed with big ideas, useful stories, and quotable stats. this is the new industrial Revolution. Are you on board? – Seth Godin

     Marketing in the Groundswell presented Practical examples and case studies that are so inspiring for marketers to look at. It was an igniting spark in the hay stack of digital /social marketing ideas, you can’t get enough of this book, the flow, ideas , and the takeaways are in bulk.. For me this was one of the delicious books that I will always recommend marketers in Saudi Arabia to consume.

This is recommended reading for people in any kind of web marketing role. – Guy Kawasaki